We're joining the #TamponTaxBack coalition

Here We Flo is proud to join the #TamponTaxBack coalition. 🇺🇸

21 states in the USA still tax period products as “non-essential goods," so we've come together with 7 other period care brands to take a stand against the tampon tax.


“Why does the tampon tax matter?”

The tampon tax highlights the financial injustice faced by all menstruators. Period products aren’t a luxury, they are essential health products that people have to purchase monthly. The tampon tax disproportionately affects menstruators, who are likely to already be facing financial injustice through the gender pay gap and societal prejudice. With products like Rogaine and Viagra labelled as medical (tax-free) necessities, it’s obvious menstruators aren’t the ones deciding taxation policies in these 21 states.

“Why is FLO working with competitors?”

The #TamponTaxBack initiative was started by August and we’re so excited to be a part of this industry-first coalition. Instead of being competitors, we’re working together as collaborators.🚫💸

At Here We Flo we’re all for collaboration over competition, after all, kindness is kween. By joining forces with like-minded brands we can create change even quicker, and in this case, get more menstruators their dolla back!

“How can I claim my tampon tax back?”

If you buy FLO period products from any of the 21 states where the tax still exists, we’ll reimburse you. Just text us a pic of your receipt! 💬

Watch the video of our Co-founder Susan Allen below to find out how it all works.

The other brands we’re proud to be joining forces with:
🩸August (who spearheaded the whole damn thing!)
🩸The Diva Cup
🩸The Honey Pot Company

For more details, head to: TamponTaxback.com