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FLO Eco-Applicator Tampons

Our 14-packs of super organic, hypoallergenic and biodegradable cotton tampons. With our 100% recyclable, 95% plant-based (sugarcane) applicators. No synthetic fibres, chemical residues, dyes, pesticides, chlorine bleach or fragrances.

5% of your purchase is donated to charities

Like a Cloud in your vagina

All of our eco-friendly tampons are made from 100% organic cotton (that's the really really comfortable + sustainable kind).

Making that organic switch will feel like a 'cloud in your vagina' - our customers say so! ☁️

Sustainable Materials
Our FLO organic cotton tampons are wrapped in 100% plant-based, plastic-free & compostable wrappers.

The applicators on our applicator tampons are 95% plant-based (sugarcane) biopolymer + fully recyclable!

Our postal packaging is made from recyclable FSC cardboard and vegan ink.
Size & Dimensions
The 'Combo' Applicator Tampon Pack
8 Regular + 6 Super organic cotton compact applicator tampons for the beginning of your period through to those lighter days!

The 'Lighter Days' Applicator Tampon Pack
14 organic cotton compact applicator tampons in 'Regular' size (3 absorbency droplets) for lighter flows.

The 'Superbabe' Applicator Tampon Pack
14 organic cotton compact applicator tampons in 'Super' size (4 absorbency droplets) for heavier days.
Carbon Footprint
Our impact on mama nature is at the forefront of everything we do at Here We Flo. Read more here
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100% vegan and cruelty free
5% of profits goes to charity
Sustainable materials
Climate Positive Workforce

We' Different!

They say you can accept the status quo, or you can change it. We decided on the latter!


  • ✓ Sustainable
  • ✓ Compostable
  • ✓ No Chemicals
  • ✓ No Plastics
  • ✓ Carbon Neutral
  • ✓ Cute AF
  • ✓ Gives to charity
  • ✓ Women owned


  • ✗ Polluting
  • ✗ Plastic
  • ✗ Full of Chemicals
  • ✗ Carbon Intensive
  • ✗ Bad for the Planet
  • ✗ Bad for your body
  • ✗ Scratchy

Every pack gives something back

We believe in the power of community. 5% of our profts go to people + planet, and every month we donate our sustainable period products to help fight period poverty.

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Umm... I have a question?

If you can't find your answer here, please email and our customer love team will have the answer you need.

Which products do you recommend if I've never tried them before?
One of our beliefs at Here We Flo is that every single person is different and the products they will need will also be different based on their flows, their bodies and their personal preferences.

We literally like to give life to the saying 'to each their own'. That being said, and working under the assumption that nobody knows you like you do, if you still need a little help deciding what you need, here's a peek into our top sellers: the bamboo 'combo' pad pack, the eco-applicator 'combo' pack & the bamboo liners. Hopefully one of those will be up your valley! 👀
What tampon absorbency should I use?
We always recommend using the lowest absorbency possible to your FLO. The risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome, which is associated with the use of tampons, increases with higher absorbency tampons, so we always recommend you use the lowest absorbency that meets your needs on each day of your period.

We offer combo packs for both of our bamboo applicator and non-applicator tampons, featuring both Super and Regular tampons. So, if your flow is heavier at the beginning of your period but lighter towards the end, you can adjust accordingly without needing 2 different boxes of tampons!

A good way to test which type of FLO you’ve got is to use the Regular absorbency tampon and, if it becomes full and starts to leak in less than 4 hours, you’ll know you need a Super instead. Another way that you can reduce the risk of TSS is by alternating your tampon use with the use of pads. Our FLO bamboo pads will work brilliantly for that!
How do I dispose of my FLO tampons?
FLO eco-applicator tampons: the tampons themselves are 100% compostable. However, there are still no official compostability guidelines for menstrual products, as experts themselves are conflicted due to the 'medical waste' nature of used period care products. So we recommend you dispose of them in the general waste bin, and they will naturally biodegrade in landfill in a few years. How wonderful is that? In contrast, the existing corporate alternatives take 100+ years to biodegrade.👎

The tampon wrappers are 100% recyclable (to be replaced by compostable, plant-based wrappers in Summer 2021).

And the tampon applicators themselves are made of a 95% plant-based (sugarcane) biopolymer and are recyclable (please check locally).

FLO non-applicator tampons: 100% compostable (including the wrappers!), making them the most sustainable single-use products on the market.

As above, because compostability in the period product category is a new and still debated topic, we recommend you dispose of your tampons in the general waste bin, and they will naturally biodegrade in landfill in a few years. That's much less than mainstream products, whose biodegradation takes over 100 years!
Can I flush biodegradable tampons down the toilet?
Nooo. 🙅‍♀️

Please never flush any type of period care down the toilet regardless of biodegradability unless stated otherwise - It can wreak havoc on the water systems and wildlife. 🐠

We recommend you dispose of them in the general waste bin, and they will naturally biodegrade in landfill in a few years. How wonderful is that? In contrast, the existing corporate alternatives take 100+ years to biodegrade.👎
I have really heavy periods / need extra protection. What do you recommend?
We've got you SO covered!🙌 Did you know that our glo range, even if technically designed for bladder leaks, work perfectly for heavier flows?

Well, now you know! Our brilliant glo bamboo 'regular' and 'long' sensitive bladder pads are very well-suited to the heavy-duty period stuff 🏋️‍♂️.

Featuring 3D-leak barriers, a charcoal core and high absorbency bamboo, they’ll offer you all the comfort and the protection you need!
What’s the difference between FLO subscription and retail products?
The only difference between our retail products and our subscription products is the packaging: you’ll only find our sweets-inspired packs and ice-cream tubs in stores🍦.

Our femcare subscription range comes in our adorable pink letterbox-friendly cardboard packs, but the contents are exactly the same!

This is for logistical as well as sustainability reasons, as we want to make sure we use as little packing and shipping materials as we can and our carbon footprint remains at a minimum!

Oh, and single-absorbency packs are only available on our website for now.
Should I use applicator or non-applicator tampons?
Applicator tampons are very popular in the UK and US, less so everywhere else in Europe. So you might be prompted to use one or the other (or none at all!) based on your background.

Objectively speaking, the applicator tampons (albeit 95% plant-based & recyclable) still bring waste into the world. If it’s not rinsed and properly recycled, it’ll end up in landfill and contribute to unnecessary pollution.

However, we’re not here to shame you for your choices – applicators are very helpful in securing the tampon inside your vagina, which is especially useful if you've never tried tampons before. So whether you choose to go with or without, we’re here for you!💕

FLO eco-friendly non-applicator tampons are 100% compostable – from tampon to wrapper, which means they’re the most sustainable / least wasteful single-use period product on the market.

If sustainability is very important to you but you can’t deal with a menstrual cup, then this is the one for you.